The Sims Social Italian Holidays Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Italian Holidays quests
Can you smell that? Smells like fresh ingredients, flour, meatballs and cheese. Yes, pizza! This week, Littlehaven's Sims in The Sims Social are off to Italy for a two week tour. Get ready to meet Antonella, the archaeologist, and uncover this all-new location. We have everything you need to know about this week's Italian adventure, thanks to the fine folks at Playfish:

Step 1 – Simply Marble-ous!
● 'Introduce Yourself' to Antonella at the NEW Italian villa (in the 'Locations' window)
● Complete the first task on the Venutia Lusso Marble Bath (the patch of dirt) at back of the Italian villa
● 'Remove' Broken Pillars found around the Italian villa and remember to come back for more!

Now that we're here it's time to meet Antonella. She is waiting for us at the dig and also has our first task lined up. Click on her to get rolling. There's a giant Roman Bath in the dig, so we should probably get to work on that asap. And look at all these Pillars laying around, they could really hurt someone. Let's clean up. Rewards: 20 LP, 30 Coins, 20 XP

Step 2 – Simply Marble-ous!
● Build The Perfect Sim statue (Find him in the box in the Italian villa)
● 'Pick Up' piles of stones (Look around the Italian villa and remember to come back for more)
● Have Elbow Grease (Ask friends or remove Broken Pillars for a chance to collect)

Do you know what the perfect Sim looks like? Apparently the Italians had already put one together in marble and we think Antonella's uncovered it. We should probably put him back together the sake of preservation. Wow, these stones keep appearing from nowhere, so we should keep putting them away. You know what that means, plenty of Elbow Grease. Rewards: 30 LP, 40 Coins, 30 XP
The Sims Social Italian Holidays screens
Step 3 – Simply Marble-ous!
● Head over to the Italian villa and introduce yourself to Mario
● 'Uncover' the Venutia Pasta Counter in the kitchen at the Italian villa
● Complete one skill task on the Venutia Pasta Counter in the Italian villa

No way, it's Mario. Whoa, we must introduce ourselves. Wait, you first... you're the brave one. Now that we've worked our way into the kitchen of the dig, we can show off our pasta expertise. Just roll up your sleeves and finish one task on the counter. I bet you Mario will be impressed. Rewards: 40 LP, 50 Coins, 40 XP

Step 4 – Simply Marble-ous!
● 'Get inspired' by interacting with the The Perfect Sim statue at the Italian villa
● Check out and 'Admire' the Venutia Fiore Painting in the Italian villa
● Complete the first stage of the Venutia Lusso Marble Bath

Wow, so that's what the perfect Sim looks like? Hey, staring isn't an offense! Anyway, maybe clicking on The Perfect Sim will be inspiring? But there's so much going on around here maybe we should take time to admire it. Look at that Venutia Fiore Painting. Oh, and we shouldn't forget why we're here, should we? We're fixing things up, so time to get busy working on the marble bath. Rewards: 50 LP, 60 Coins, 50 XP

Step 5 – Simply Marble-ous!
● Have Nails (Try repairing broken things around you for a chance to drop them)
● 'Clear' Vines around the Italian villa and remember to come back for more
● Try asking your friends to find you a large vine leaf (post a feed)

Nails? You want nails? That was a close one. Sure, you can get them by asking friends to give you some or by fixing stuff around the villa (which isn't too difficult since everything here needs fixing). Plus these vines are getting irritating. We should get rid of them. Rewards: 50 LP, 60 Coins, 50 XP
The Sims Social Italian Holidays images
Step 6 – Simply Marble-ous!
● Build My Gladion Pal to make the villa more homely (Find him in the box next to the bed in the Italian villa)
● Have Mosaic Tiles (Ask friends to send you some or pick up Pile of Stones for chance to collect)
● Complete the second stage of the Venutia Lusso Marble Bath

Man, who knew working on an archaeological dig would be so dusty? Time to make this place feel a bit more like the majestic home it once was. Say, have you seen the little plushie in the bedroom at the villa? Meanwhile we can spruce up the place with some mosaics - that'll be fun. You can ask friends to send them to you if you don't find any spares around. Finally, finishing the Venutia Lussa Marble Bath is going to be the achievement of the week. So let's keeping going. Rewards: 75 LP, 100 Coins, 75 XP, Bella Sima painting.

Collectibles Required:
Venutia Lusso Marble Bath
Bling x11; Bottle of Pool Cleaner x6; Bouquet x5; Brush x40; Culture x14; Elbow Grease x32; Entertainment x8; Goodwill x13; Hammer x6; Happiness x7; Hope x2; Marble x7; Mosaic Tiles x24; Muse x19; Plans x15; Relaxation x5; Rocks x12; Steel x8; Trowel x45; Zen Crystal x1

Have some tips of your own for how to finish this quest fast? Share them with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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