The FarmVille Century Club: Exclusive crops & recipes for veteran farmers

FarmVille Century Club
FarmVille Century Club

Sometimes when you are sitting at the high end of the neighbor list, there's not much to look forward to. There's little to none items to unlock in the market, no virtual pat on the back for levels achieved- the levels after 100 don't even have cutesy names associated with their numbers anymore, and even the one free Farm Cash for leveling up stops. Yet, these highly ranked farmers keep farming and keep leveling-up.

They keep plowing, planting, and harvesting as many crops as FarmVille throws at us. They keep breeding Trees and nurturing their animals. They keep farming in FarmVille. Unfortunately, it is these same veteran farmers who are often left feeling forgotten when they should be honored and praised for their achievements and at the least presented with new FarmVille challenges.

FarmVille is finally doing something to acknowledge it's higher-level players and giving lower level players an incentive to level up with the new Century Club crops and recipes!

How to Join the FarmVille Century Club
Century Club crops and recipes are only available to those FarmVille players who have reached a minimum of level 100 through 125 and higher. This means that you will not be able to grow or craft the Century Club crops and recipes until you acquire enough XP to meet the level requirements to unlock them. The Century Club crops and recipes are not Limited Edition crops with an expiration time in FarmVille. Instead, they are permanent features that you will be able to access once proper levels are obtained.

Additionally, all the Century Club crops' seeds will be available with Farm Coins and do not require Farm Cash to plant. The only requirement in place for the Century Club crops and recipes are the level prerequisites. You can see the list of the Century Club crops and their levels requirements listed below.

FarmVille Century Club Crops & Level Requirements:

  • Lentil – Level 100

  • Kidney Bean – Level 102

  • Flax – Level 104

  • Celery – Level 106

  • Lettuce – Level 108

  • Brussel Sprout – Level 110

  • Begonia – Level 112

  • Yellow Marigold – Level 114

  • Alfalfa – Level 120

  • Buckwheat – Level 122

  • Okra – Level 124

  • Garlic – Level 126

  • Kale – Level 128

  • Green Bean – Level 130

  • Goji Berry – Level 132

FarmVille Century Club screens
FarmVille Century Club screens

New Mastery Challenges

The Century Club crops and recipes are also masterable meaning you will work on earning each of their three-star mastery levels until you receive a shiny new Crop or Recipe Mastery Sign for your farm.

For veteran players who have been playing FarmVille for years, they will no doubt appreciate the benefit of being able to access the new Century Club crops because Crop Mastery is a not only a favorite FarmVille past time, it is still an area of farming that players enjoy, remain interested in, and are eager for more. There are never enough crops in FarmVille to satiate the appetite of FarmVille mastery hounds.

If FarmVille crafting is your forte, there's also Recipe mastery available for the new Century Club recipes. To start crafting the new Century recipes check your farm's Bakery, Spa, and Winery once you meet the level requirements and get crafty.

What Now?
For those of you FarmVille farmers who have already obtained the maximum 125 level needed for the Century Club-- at least you have comfort in knowing that you can grow and master all these crops and recipes at your leisure. Perhaps, Zynga will take note of player feedback and work on new challenges and incentives for those players whose levels have soared past 125 and into the 200s and higher.

For those of you who are still working your way up the farming ranks and haven not yet achieved at least level 100 in FarmVille – hopefully the Century Club crops and recipes give you a new incentive to boost your farming. It's nice to have goals to achieve when there is something to strive for isn't it?

The Century Club is a great start in Zynga's latest effort to finally recognize players who have achieved higher levels in FarmVille. I'd love to see more incentives for leveling-up in FarmVille for all players, but especially those of us that remain devoted to farming these past three years.

Does the FarmVille Century Club motivate you to level up? If you've already achieved Level 125 what do you think of exclusive crops as a perk? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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