High School Teacher Allegedly Posted Sexual Photos Of Students On Reddit's CreepShots

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All offices share a few rules: You shouldn't make racist or sexist remarks, even if you privately espouse such views. You can have arguments, but getting physical is not OK. And you never covertly take sexual photos of people at work, much less post them on the Internet.

Yet that's exactly what one substitute teacher allegedly did at East Coweta High School, in western Georgia. The teacher hasn't been named, but school officials reportedly asked authorities to investigate the substitute teacher after there were complaints that suggestive photos of female students ended up on the Reddit forum CreepShots. The online forum contains sexually suggestive photos that users took of women without their knowledge or consent. The teacher is no longer employed by the school system, according to the Fox station in Atlanta.

According to a report on the Fox 5 Atlanta TV station, the high school students discovered the images on the site, which featured classroom shots of girls rear-ends and crotches and included some provocative captions. Some students then posted messages on Reddit, directing them at the user who posted them. "I know that girl, and I know which teacher you are," Reddit user its_comin_up wrote. "I hope you're looking forward to getting fired." The sheriff's investigation is ongoing.

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Lately there seems to be rise in reports of workers using their workplaces for sexual-voyeurism-by-hidden-camera. As was reported by AOL Jobs in April, 27-year-old Alejandro Gamiz, a maintenance worker at a Sears in North Hollywood, Calif., was arrested for allegedly creating peepholes in women's restrooms and changing rooms, and installing video equipment to record women and children. A few months later in Pennsylvania, John Bednarik, director of campus environment at DeSales University, admitted to surreptitiously videotaping a female employee while she was using a breast pump in her office at the Catholic college. She was topless and, after reportedly hearing a noise, noticed a lens peering from a hole in the ceiling. Bednarik confessed to a misdemeanor invasion of privacy and is awaiting sentencing, according to the Lehigh Valley Morning Call.

%VIRTUAL-hiringNow-topCity% For its part, the recent incident at Coweta has breathed new life into a campaign among some users to have Reddit shut down the CreepShots message board. While the forum, known in the Reddit community as a subreddit, urges users not to post pictures of anyone below the age of 18, such activity is enabled by a policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," in the words of the blog, Jezebel.

Users noted that the postings from Coweta went up with captions like, "Hot Senior Girl in One of My Classes." Such seemingly flagrant exploitation of minors has motivated Reddit users like SpencerTracyMorgan to call for action. "What's particularly disturbing about the voyeur subreddits is that individuals are having their perverse, invasive and illegal behavior validated and encouraged by many others," SpencerTracyMorgan writes (via New York's Daily News.) "These voyeur subreddits normalize and encourage predatory behavior."

In the past, Reddit has demonstrated a willingness to halt activity on its forums. One thread from last year, known as "jailbait," became a host for child pornography sharing, which prompted a backlash in the media. The so-called "front page of the Internet," the content of which is determined by users' preferences, proceeded to shut down "jailbait."

For now, such voyeuristic shots taken at work will likely continue, a report from the Daily News contends. Reddit users are becoming more adept at concealing their prying postings, and are sharing tips on how to "obtain the best stalker shots possible, without getting caught."

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