CityVille FarmVille 2 Goals: Everything you need to know

Just as ChefVille's FarmVille 2 promotion requires players to do more than simply level up in FarmVille 2 for prizes, so too does the CityVille promotion. This particular promotion gives us a new community building to place in our towns in the form of a FarmVille Produce Truck, along with four goals to complete along the way! Here's Zynga's guide to finishing off these quests and getting the most out of your time in FarmVille 2 back in CityVille!

Food to Go!

  • Ask friends for 20 Overalls

  • Place FarmVille 2 Produce Truck

  • Reach Level 3 in FarmVille 2

You'll need to spend five energy to build the Produce Truck, which is only available via this set of goals. You won't need any building materials to finish it off, but you will need to continue playing FarmVille 2 in order to help the stand upgrade and become more impressive visually. You'll receive three Zoning Permits and 100 XP for completing this goal.

Get Plowin'!

  • Ask friends for 20 Steel Plows

  • Harvest 100 Crops

  • Reach Level 10 in FarmVille 2

Rewards: 5 Zoning Permits

Quenching a Thirst!

  • Ask friends for 20 Water Troughs

  • collect from Restaurants

  • Reach Level 15 in FarmVille 2

Rewards: Farmer's Market and 500 XP

Early to Rise

  • Ask friends for 20 Grain Mills

  • Reach Level 20 in FarmVille 2

Rewards: FarmVille 2 Cottage, 200,000 coins

There are three upgrades to the FarmVille 2 Produce Truck, but this promotion doesn't stop there. As you reach certain levels in FarmVille 2, you'll also receive automatic prizes at four different levels, as seen below.

Level 3: 5 Energy and 1 Bonus Crew
Level 10: 7 Energy and 3 Bonus Crew
Level 15: 10 Energy and 7 Bonus Crew
Level 20: 20 Energy and 15 Bonus Crew

Reaching Level 20 in FarmVille 2 is definitely easier said than done, so if you find yourself looking for help in reaching that point, make sure to check out our guides to FarmVille 2 and add yourself to our Add Me page so that you can find new friends that will help you out.

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