Bad Piggies proves that pigs can fly on iOS, Android and Mac today

bad piggies rovio
bad piggies rovio

The creator of Angry Birds has finally released its first truly original game since the dawn of those irate avians, Bad Piggies. Up for sale right now on iOS, Android and Mac app stores, Rovio's Bad Piggies sees players build locomotive machines in order to get those green piglets to the finish line, collecting the usual three stars along the way.

So, it's a fine cross between the worlds of Angry Birds (in more ways than art and theme) and Amazing Alex, Rovio's take on the Casey's Contraptions license it purchased a while ago. In other words, Bad Piggies is an attempt to capture the creative freedom of build-em-up games with the pure, simple joy of blowing stuff up.

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The newest Rovio game is already lighting up the charts mere hours after its release, showcasing the critical mass that Rovio has achieved since Angry Birds. At least in the iOS App Store, it's already on top in the paid apps charts. At this point, you kind of owe it to yourself to get in on the zeitgeist.

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