The Ville: Play FarmVille 2 for free Signatures, Eggs and more


We knew it was only a matter of time before a slew of FarmVille 2 cross-promotions started launching across Zynga's games, and it looks like that time has finally come. The Ville players can now earn free prizes just for trying out Zynga's FarmVille 2 on Facebook or, and we're here with a look at exactly how you'll finish this promotion.

There are three levels to this promotion, ranging from Levels 3 to 15 in FarmVille 2, making this one of the lengthiest promotions we've ever seen across two games, whether in the Zynga catalog or not. Here's the rundown of prizes, which are handed out back in the Ville as soon as you reach the appropriate level in FarmVille 2. That is, you don't have to make it all of the way to Level 15 before receiving any of them, and can therefore quit anytime you'd like, while still receiving what you've earned up to that point.

Reach Level 3 in FarmVille 2 ----> Receive 6 Eggs in the Ville

Reach Level 10 in FarmVille 2 ----> Receive 8 Signatures in the Ville

Reach Level 15 in FarmVille 2 ----> Receive 6 Eggs, 8 Signatures and 10 Energy in the Ville

Again, this is an incredibly lengthy promotion, as even playing FarmVille 2 with friends doesn't make your progress particularly "fast." You'll need to complete dozens of quests and do lots of farming in order to reach Level 15, but you can always check out our guides to getting ahead if you're having trouble making progress. Good luck!

Play the Ville on now --->

Play FarmVille 2 on now --->

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