The Ville Fall Barbecue Quests: Everything you need to know

While Summer has now officially come to a close in the Ville, the Fall season is kicking off with a bang with a Fall Barbecue competition. Casey thinks you have what it takes to beat Austin in the cook-off, but you'll need to complete plenty of quests before finding out whose cooking really is superior. We're here with a guide to finishing off these quests, straight from the folks at Zynga itself. Let's get started!

The Cook-Off

  • Place the Sunny Barbecue Grill

  • Harvest 6 Tomatoes

  • Grill a Wisconsin Cheese Burger

Once you're ready to grill a burger, you'll need to use two Cheese and eight Tomatoes to actually cook it. While this quest only asks you to harvest six Tomatoes, make sure to plant a few extra for this recipe and beyond. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive 100 coins and five XP.

Coach Jake

  • Harvest 8 Peppers

  • Ask friends for 5 Steak Knives

  • Collect 8 Honeycombs

You can ask your friends for Steak Knives and Honeycomb, but remember that you can earn your own Honeycomb while playing, eliminating the need to wait for your friends to respond. You'll earn 75 coins, two XP and a Tropical Towel Rack for completing this second quest.

Sizing Up the Competition

  • Visit Casey's House

  • Talk to 3 Guests at Casey's House

  • Ask friends for 5 Wood

Rewards: 50 coins, 2 XP

One Ear to the Ground

  • Ask Friends for 3 Rumors

  • Harvest 6 Onions

  • Complete the Sunny Barbecue Grill

The Sunny Barbecue Grill can be built using items like Hugs, Hammers and Knowledge books, which are earned through a combination of general news posts and individual request sent to your friends. Completing this quest earns you 400 coins, 10 Xp and some Sunset Beach Towels.

The Guru's Hamburgers

  • Make 3 Zesty Rub

  • Grill a Supercharged Hamburger

  • Eat the Supercharged Hamburger

Rewards: 200 coins, 5 XP

Poise Counts

  • Harvest 6 Peppers

  • Ask Friends for 5 Style

  • Change into Formal Attire

Rewards: 200 coins, 5 XP

Entree Versus Entree

  • Call Over 3 Neighbors

  • Grill a Supercharged Hamburger

Rewards: 100 coins, 5 XP, Potted Plant

Dessert Dilemma

  • Make a Chocolate Milkshake

  • Ask friends for 6 Dazzle

  • Grill a Supercharged Fajita

Rewards: 800 coins, 5 XP

The Final Round

  • Bake a Chocolate Honey Huckleberry Pie

  • Share a Big Piece of Pie with 2 Judges

Rewards: 10 XP, 400 coins, Toucan

These quests may not have a time limit for completion, but it's always smart to work on these quests as soon as possible so that they're out of the way by the time additional quests are inevitably released. Good luck finishing them off!

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