MEC Employee's Angry Resignation Letter Goes Viral

Lots of workers like to sound off on their way out the door, but it's one thing to accuse your boss of being a lousy manager and quite another to accuse him of being anti-Semitic and of seducing a female colleague and then having sex with her in an office meeting room.

But that's exactly what a senior account manager at MEC Global in London did Tuesday in an email directed to the entire staff of the media agency. The email, simply titled "Leaving" (and shown in a redacted version above), soon found its way onto Twitter and went viral, after rival agencies got a hold of it.

Not since Greg Smith, the former Goldman Sachs employee who resigned in the editorial pages of The New York Times last March, has a worker's "I quit" salvo received quite so much attention.

The worker, who was employed at the firm for 2½ years, allegedly accused his boss of "ruining" his career, saying he had been worked so hard that it induced a "mental breakdown." The worker also alleged the manager was prejudiced against the disabled, citing an instance in which the manager referred to London's recently held Para Olympics as the "Spastic Olympics." Further, the employee alleges that the supervisor proclaimed to be proud of not having "a drop of Jewish blood in him," and that he regularly made sexist and other bigoted remarks.

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The employee says that he decided to quit after 30 months of "loyal service" because, he says, his boss didn't pay him his bonus and gave him a verbal warning about poor job performance. Further, the employee said that his manager put him on probation after he returned from sick leave.

The employee said that having his performance allegedly criticized was particularly galling because the manager had persuaded him to stay on just a few months prior, offering him a substantial pay raise as incentive. It was the promotion, however, that led to his breakdown, the employee said in the email. "[I]nstead of welcoming me back and looking to make things rights, instead [he] attacked me and made me feel an outsider."

For its part, MEC issued this response from CEO Steve Hatch: "We are sad that one of our employees has chosen to share their personal views in such a public way and has left the company with such bad feeling. We are taking this issue seriously though given the highly personal nature of the email, we cannot comment further."

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On Wednesday, a day after the email went viral, a blond MEC employee named was revealed as being the infamous interviewee, London's Daily Mail reports. But the 25-year-old Canadian native denied that she and the manager had sex. "I kissed him," the Mail quotes the woman as saying. Though the kiss may have been inappropriate, she said they had both been to a pub for informal job interview.

"It was a kiss in the foyer whilst waiting for taxis," she said. "We were both single at the time." The version of the letter shown above obscures the name of the boss and other employees to protect their privacy. A full version of the letter can be found here (via BusinessInsider).

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