FarmVille: Play FarmVille 2 for Unwithers, Turbo Charges and more

While the Ville's cross-promotion with FarmVille 2 was already lengthy, asking players to make it to Level 15 in FarmVille 2 before paying out the full rewards, the promotion within the original FarmVille is even more taxing, as farmers will need to make it all of the way to Level 20 in FarmVille 2 before they will have collected all of the available prizes back home in FarmVille.

Once you make it to Level 20 in FarmVille 2, your original FarmVille gift box will be stocked with three Unwithers, two Instagrows, and a whopping 30 Turbo Chargers. Fortunately, you don't have to wait until Level 20 to start receiving these rewards, as there are actually four stages in this entire promotion, each offering a small selection of this full prize package as you go along.

You'll receive prizes at Level 3, Level 10, Level 15 and of course Level 20 in FarmVille 2, but reaching that final stage is definitely easier said than done. Even a relatively dedicated farmer, who has been playing since FarmVille 2 launched just a few weeks ago, may not even be that high yet. You could easily spend weeks finishing off this promotion, especially if you're as dedicated to other Facebook games as you are to the original FarmVille, and now FarmVille 2.

If you're looking for easier ways to get ahead, make sure to check out our tips and tricks to FarmVille 2, and add yourself to our FarmVille 2 Add Me page so that you can find new friends that will help you advance faster than you would on your own. Good luck!

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What do you think of the prizes in this FarmVille / FarmVille 2 promotion? Do you think you'll have the dedication or perhaps patience necessary to reach Level 20 in FarmVille 2, or are these rewards not worth that much of an investment? Let us know in the comments!