Lexus wants you to pimp its ride in Draw Something with free color pack


If the Lorax cross-promotion in Draw Something got your creative juices flowing, another branded promotion is sure to do the same, as Lexus has brought its line of luxury vehicles to the popular drawing game for a limited time. Simply check out the game's color palette store, and you'll find a free Lexus-themed palette available for "purchase."

This Lexus color pack comes with five colors, ranging from brown and silver to deep reds and blues. You can use these colors in any drawing after adding it to your account, but this promotion also comes with some themed words that you'll be given the chance to draw, if you choose them from the list. So, don't be surprised if you see someone drawing a silver car, only to find that the key word is "Lexus," as an example.

This color pack will only be available to unlock for a limited time, so make sure to claim it in your game before it disappears. Also, feel free to submit your masterpieces to the game's Facebook fan page for a chance to be featured. It may not result in any coin packages for your use in-game, but a bit of admiration from your peers never hurts either, right?

[Image Credit: Draw Something Facebook Fan Page]

What do you think of the colors in this Lexus color pack? Were you able to claim your free pack without any trouble? Sound off in the comments!