Chevron Announces New Premium Hydraulic Oils That Deliver Fuel Costs Savings and Enhanced Productivi

Chevron Announces New Premium Hydraulic Oils That Deliver Fuel Costs Savings and Enhanced Productivity

Proven to Reduce Fuel Consumption by Improving Overall Pump Efficiency by up to 8 Percent While Delivering Productivity Gains of up to 25 Percent Compared to Conventional Monogrades

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Chevron Lubricants, maker of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, today introduced three new premium hydraulic oils at MINExpo in Las Vegas, NV. Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW, Rando® HDZ and Rando® HD Premium Oil MV offer multi viscosity or high viscosity index (VI) formulations that deliver fuel cost savings and increases in productivity when compared to conventional monogrades. The new premium hydraulic oils feature improved oxidation and shear stability—versus conventional monogrades—which deliver robust protection to hydraulic pumps.

Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW: Up to 25 percent increased productivity compared to monogrades

Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW (ISO 32, 46, 68), which provides excellent performance in low temperature climate, is designed to give maximum protection to both mobile and stationary vane-, piston-, and gear-type hydraulic pumps in high-performance applications as well as in environmentally sensitive areas. The oil has a high viscosity index to improve hydraulic response time and increase operating temperature range. In field trials, Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW has proven to reduce fuel consumption by improving overall hydraulic pump efficiency by up to 8 percent. By improving pump efficiency, it also showed a potential gain of 5-25 percent increased productivity depending on usage environment.


See what Edgar Hansen, deck boss and chief engineer of the fishing vessel Northwestern - which is featured on the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" - has to say about Chevron's Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW.


Rando HDZ and MV: Up to 5 percent improvement in hydraulic pump efficiency compared to monogrades

Rando HDZ oils (ISO 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100) are antiwear hydraulic oils formulated with premium base oil technology to protect hydraulic pumps against wear, rust and corrosion. They are recommended for hydraulic or circulating oil systems, including marine on-deck machinery, hydraulic actuated loading bins, or equipment that require a wider operating temperature as compared to a single viscosity grade oil. In laboratory efficiency testing, Rando HDZ oils provided up to 5 percent improvement in overall hydraulic pump efficiency when compared to a typical monograde hydraulic oil like Hydraulic Oil AW (a lower VI product with VI<105). The multiviscosity feature of Rando HD Premium Oil MV promotes even and continuous power transmission over a wide temperature range with a minimum of shudder.

"In today's highly competitive markets, companies are looking at all opportunities to improve efficiency, and therefore the bottom line," said Jeff Snyder, Industrial Brand Specialist, Chevron Lubricants. "Hydraulic performance is often overlooked in this quest, but the right hydraulic fluid can deliver impressive fuel economy and hydraulic system performance improvements. The improved efficiencies, reduced fuel consumption and lowered lubricant purchase volumes of Chevron's premium products provide additional benefits to our customers compared to conventional hydraulic fuels. "

Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW (ISO 32, 46, 68) Benefits:

  • Premium performance - Ashless formulation provides excellent wear protection, rust and corrosion protection, hydrolytic stability, water separability, foam inhibition and filterability
  • Long life - Outstanding ability of the synthetic base stock to withstand oxidation at high operating temperatures results in maximum service life for the oil
  • Wear protection at startup - Minimum change in viscosity over wide operating temperatures due to high viscosity index
  • Hydraulic system efficiency - Very high VI fluid improves hydraulic response time, increases operating temperature range and provides up to 8 percent improvement in overall hydraulic pump efficiency
  • Low temperature pumpability - Specifically developed to ensure good fluidity in temperatures as low as -40°C(-40°F) for ISO 32 grade, and -30°C(-22°F) for ISO 46 and 68 grades
  • Meets Key Industry Requirements - Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW (ISO 32, 46, 68) meets the requirements for Eaton Vickers 35VQ25A, M-2950-S, I-286 S and other key OEM specifications

Rando HDZ (ISO 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100)and Rando HD Premium Oil MV Benefits:

  • High oxidation stability - Long service life in high pressure service (ISO 32, 46, 68).
  • Protection against rust and corrosion - Gives excellent protection against corrosion of both copper and steel. Passes the ASTM D665A distilled water rust test and ASTM D665B salt water rust test
  • High viscosity index - Minimum change in viscosity over a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Foam inhibition - Contains special foam suppressant
  • Excellent antiwear properties - Provides excellent wear protection
  • Good stability - In the presence of water in the ASTM D2619 Hydrolytic Stability Test
  • Fast water separation - Protects against rust problems by fast release of water
  • Good filterability - Excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability helps prevent formation of deposits which may interfere with filtration in equipment having close tolerances

Rando HDZ oils are approved for:

  • Parker Hannifin (Denison) HF0, HF1, HF2, using T6H20C pump (ISO 32, 46, 68)
  • Eaton-Vickers I-286-S, M-2950-S, 35VQ25A (ISO 32, 46, 68)
  • MAG Cincinnati, Cincinnati Machine P 68 (ISO 32), P 70 (ISO 46), P 69 (ISO 68)

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Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oils AW, Rando HDZ and Rando HD Premium Oils MV are available now across North America. Please contact Chevron or your local lubricant marketer for more information on pricing and package styles.

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Chevron Products Company is a division of an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of the Chevron Corporation (NYS: CVX) headquartered in San Ramon, CA.

A full line of lubrication and coolant products are marketed through this organization. Select brands include Havoline®, Delo® and Havoline Xpress Lube®. Chevron Intellectual Property, LLC owns patented technology in advanced lubricants products, new generation base oil technology and coolants.

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