We'd pay a pretty penny for this take on Angry Birds [Video]

Angry Birds augmented reality
Angry Birds augmented reality

You might be with us in thinking that $40 for a console collection of Angry Birds games is, well, ludicrous. But you just might want to pony up that cash for this kind of Angry Birds game. Iranian augmented reality app developer PendAR (which translates to "imagination" in Persian) has created a version of Angry Birds that's playable in your living room ... literally.

Well, as "literal" as seeing it through a screen on your living room floor can get. The technology allows for any defined surface, almost always a poster of sorts, to be used as the field of play or interaction for an app or game. In other words, it lets players get their Angry Birds on with an Angry Birds poster in full 3D.

"Just imagine, you can shoot the birds right on your desk," PendAR CEO Mojtaba Tabatabaie told GamesBeat in an interview. "We believe showing how this popular game, Angry Birds, would work with this technology shows people how much augmented reality could affect their lives in the future."

As awesome as this looks, don't get your hopes up. PendAR has no plans on releasing the game, since it has no connection with Rovio. But we think a chat is in order, like, now.

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