Warm Up and Save on Home Insulation

Savings Experiment: Home Insulation Cold drafts are uncomfortable, and can cost you a pretty penny when it comes to your heating bill. Here's how to warm up inside during the cooler months, without burning through your budget.

First, locate where the drafts are coming in by using a candle. Light the wick and hold the flame near doors and windows. If you see it flickering, you've found the culprit.

Once you've identified all of the draft sources, use curtains and door sweeps to keep the heat in. Curtains are great, energy-efficient insulators. They'll spice up your home decor and cut down your heating bill in the process. Door sweeps are easy to install, and are another low-cost way to keep cold air out.

Another budget-friendly way to keep the heat inside your home is to use reflective insulation. Wrap a piece of cardboard with some tin foil and place it behind radiator with shiny side facing out. This prevents the wall from absorbing heat, and reflects the heat back into the room.

radiatorSo, before you even think about changing the thermostat, try one of these easy ways to increase the insulation in your home. You'll be surprised at how simple it is to keep your heating costs low.
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