The Ville's Player Love flash sale means 20% off all items for one day only

Normally, market sales in your favorite Facebook games are announced in advance, or are at least available long enough to allow all players to have a chance to score some great deals. In the Ville's first ever Player Love event, though, we've been treated to a deal that will be around for less than 24 hours, making this a newsworthy event indeed.

For the rest of today, Ville players can login to the market to find that all items, whether they originally cost coins or Ville Cash, have been marked down by 20%. There's no item marker that tells you the item's original price, but we can confirm that these items are in fact on sale. A Brown Bandstand Turntable from the Mod theme, for instance, originally cost 2,500 coins, but you can now pick it up for 2,000.

Of course, the higher the item's original price, the more coins you'll save by purchasing it, but don't forget about the slew of cheap items that are also available to purchase. A nice potted plant or wall accessory might be just the touch your virtual house needs to really feel complete. Just make sure to shop fast if you're interested in grabbing a bargain, because these deals won't be around for long.

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Will you splurge on any expensive items in this 20% off sale? Which ones? Sound off in the comments!