Pioneer Trail Dog Show: Everything you need to know

A new animal judging event has launched in Pioneer Trail, but this one doesn't deal with just those animals that you'd find on the barnyard. Instead, we're being given the chance to take part in a Dog Show, as we can partner with friends to prepare our dogs for the Yankee Doodle Dog Show, and can earn new looks for said dogs if we perform well within a week's time. As usual, there are goals to complete along with this new feature, and we're here with a guide to finish them off, thanks to the folks at Zynga itself. Let's get started!

Signing Up

  • Place the Show Course

  • Buy and Place a Show Dog

  • Feed the Show Dog 3 Times

Champ's Chow is created using Puppy Nutrients and Beefy Bits (ask friends). You can earn the Puppy Nutrients at random when harvesting Dog Violets or Blue Corn (although the latter is more rare). Rewards: 250 XP, five Puppy Nutrients, Entry Form (needed to build the Show Course)

Training up the Pups

  • Feed Show Dogs 15 times

  • Harvest 40 Dog Violet

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Show Course

The Dog Violet is a new kind of crop that's available to send and receive via the game's free gifts page. When you complete this goal, you'll unlock the Husky and will receive a Kit Fox and Best Friend Book (the book is needed for the Show Course).

Show Doggy Wannabes

  • Tend Kit Foxes 15 times

  • Feed Husky Show Dog 20 Times

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Show Course

Rewards: Maltese, 5 Dog Violets, Chewy Ball (needed to build Show Course)

Final Groomin!

  • Harvest 50 Blue Corn

  • Tend Show Dogs 5 Times After They've Been Presented

  • Finish the Show Course

As you show dogs, they'll be judged by and you'll have a chance to receive even more rewards in addition to those received for simply finishing these goals. You could win items like Aged Salmon, Quick Draw Quaffs and additional Champ's Chow, as examples.

In addition to these individual goals, there's an overall goal that will require you to raise Chamption Show Dogs with the promise of Horseshoes coming on the other end.

Divine Show Dogs

  • Raise 3 Champion Trophy Show Dogs

Rewards: 10,000 XP, Champion's Manor decoration, 10 Horseshoes

As for the Show Dogs themselves, you can now purchase a St. Bernard or Husky in the store for 570 or 19,000 coins each, while Maltese and Dalmatian dogs cost Horseshoes. When you've fed a dog enough times during a seven day period, you'll have a chance to unlock an additional appearance for that dog, as seen with the St. Bernard example below. Good luck!

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