New Renters in Modesto Reportedly Find Body of Fellow Tenant, Jorge Amador-Molina

Modesto renters discover body of tenant Jorge Amador-Molina
Modesto renters discover body of tenant Jorge Amador-Molina

Renters moving into a house in Modesto, Calif., were shocked this week to discover there the body of a man who'd been stabbed to death, police say. The stabbing victim was reportedly a local ice cream vendor who was also residing in the home.

According to News10 television in Modesto, the new tenants (a couple who were not identified) said that they planned to live in part of the home and sublease the rest to the victim, Jorge Amador-Molina. Police are treating his death as a homicide, reports The Associated Press.

The home's owner, Kamal P. Lal, said that he was baffled as to why Amador-Molina might have been slain. "I have no idea whatsoever," Lal told the Modesto Bee. "That's what I told the cops today. He was a very nice guy. He could not have any enemies." Lal further told the newspaper that his rental agreement was with Amador-Molina and that he was unaware of the other tenants. Neighbors told the Bee that Amador-Molina operated an ice cream cart in the area.

Recently in the news were these other chilling finds in homes: Police discovering the cremated remains of 56 people in a foreclosed home in Dayton, Ohio, and authorities encountering dozens of exotic animals in an abandoned house in Portsmouth, Va.

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