Monopoly Millionaire Mansions is Hasbro's take on Facebook games

Monopoly Millionaire Mansions
Monopoly Millionaire Mansions

Don't worry, you won't need any fake paper money for this one. Hasbro has launched it's own Facebook game based on one of the most popular board games of all time, Monopoly Millionaire Mansions. While not officially a Facebook game, it uses Facebook Connect to, well, connect players with one another in a location based game of keeping up with the Joneses using Google Maps.

After connecting with Facebook, players begin by choosing a permanent, real-life location on which to build the mansion of their dreams. (This is first come, first serve, folks--so hurry up.) Then it's time to choose a type of mansion and begin leveling up toward unlocking new mansions and more lavish items to decorate said mansion.

On the way to the top, players will answer trivia questions and visit other mansions to earn as many points as possible. When players reach the level of Monopoly Millionaire, they can own up to three gorgeous mansions. According to Mashable, players can build on 203 billion plots of land with 22 different mansion designs and 74 luxurious accessories. There's quite a bit of muscle behind this crack at making Monopoly work on the web.

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