FarmVille Perfect Job: Everything you need to know

It's time yet again to rely on your friends to help you earn prizes in FarmVille, as the Perfect Job feature will allow your friends to help you build a Workshop based on the answers that they choose to several multiple choice questions. Similar to the Perfect Pet event, as one example, this feature comes with multiple stages and multiple pairs of prizes that you can win, but you can completely control how the feature advances in your own game if you simply ask your friends to vote for specific options each time you post for votes. Here's a complete rundown of the prizes in this feature, straight from Zynga.

Stage 1: Australian Cattle Dog or Domestic Shorthair

Stage 2: Hammer Chicken or Nerd Duck

Stage 3: Brown Silverback or Black and Grey Ocelot

Stage 4: Diving Duck or Thinker Monkey

Stage 5: Employee Gnome or Entrepreneur Gnome

Stage 6: Muddy Pig or Groomed Sheep

Stage 7: Picasso Pig or Count on Ewe

Stage 8: Gold Course Cow or Office Horse

Stage 9: Monkey Gnome or Suit Monkey

Stage 10: Night Owl or Early Bird

Stage 11: WFH Turtle or Ostrich Pilot

Stage 12: Earful Gnome or Yappy Gnome

Even though there are 12 sets of prizes in this event, there's no need to worry about completing this event in a specific manner to receive the Workshop that you want at the end. Over the next five weeks, you'll be able to replay this event to win the other prizes that you don't win the first time around, and your final upgraded Workshop can and potentially will change between the two designs if your new answers match that new design.

Also, while you can eventually earn one of eight different "Perfect Job" titles through this event, these are simply for fun and don't have any impact on the rest of your game. That being the case, this is an event that's almost solely about collecting the 24 exclusive prizes within, and we wish you the best of luck in doing just that!

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What do you think of these prizes in the Perfect Job feature? Which job did your friends choose for you? Sound off in the comments!