CityVille Jackpot Slots: Everything you need to know

If you feel like gambling with your City Cash in CityVille, you can now give the Jackpot Slots a spin in your game. This slot machine is located on the right side of the game's menu, and it costs either 3 or 7 City Cash to play, per spin. Like a traditional slot machine, you can choose to bet on only a few lines (for 3 City cash) or can bet on them all for the full 7 City Cash price.

With each spin, you have a chance of winning coins, Goods, energy, Zoning Permits and even buildings for your town. While many players will only walk away with the smallest of prizes, the grand prizes include 1 million coins, 200 Zoning Permits, 100 energy, 10,000 Goods, a Zeppelin community building worth 3,500 citizens to your population cap, a Ballet Company community building worth 3,000 citizens, a Russian Hall community building worth 4,500 citizens and much more.

Apparently, if you spin the wheels five times in a row, you'll also be eligible for bonus winnings if you happen to win after that point. Unlike other City Cash features in CityVille, this one doesn't come with a free spin for new players, so you'll need to invest some Cash right from the beginning to ever get anything out of it. We wish you luck if you decide to spin the wheels!

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Have you spent any City Cash on the Jackpot Slots? Did you win anything noteworthy? Sound off in the comments!