U.S. courts sees 'substantial similarity' between Triple Town, Yeti Town

Triple Town
Triple Town

The legal battle between Triple Town developer Spry Fox and Yeti Town creator 6waves has finally moved forward. After Spry Fox filed a copyright infringement suit against 6waves earlier this year, a U.S. court may rule in favor of the former, Gamasutra reports. Soon after Spry Fox filed the lawsuit, 6waves filed a motion to dismiss, which the court recently shot down.

According to Gamasutra, the court stated in a filing that "SpryFox has plausibly identified enough copying to state a claim for relief." The filing goes on to state: "No one would deny the many similarities between Triple Town and Yeti Town. Those similarities pervade the games, from their underlying concepts to their rules to the visual appearance of their characters and backgrounds."

However, the court also points out that "SpryFox's copyright gives it no monopoly over this idea. 6Waves (or anyone else) is free to create a video game based on the same idea," Gamasutra reports. Regardless, the filing continues with: "Because the allegations of its complaint plausibly satisfy both the intrinsic and extrinsic test, Spry Fox has plausibly alleged substantial similarity between Triple Town and Yeti Town."

With 6waves motion to dismiss denied, this case will either go to court or be settled outside. We've reached out to Spry Fox and 6waves for comment.

UPDATE: Spry Fox's opinion on the matter hasn't changed, and it asks that readers out its official statement for more info.

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