The Ville Mod Clothing: Everything you need to know


With the Ville's current "Mod" item theme may have allowed us to completely transform our homes, we're now being given the chance to do the same for our avatars, as Mod-themed clothing items are now available to purchase for both male and female avatars. As usual, we're here with a complete look at these new clothing items in the Ville, so let's get started!

Female Avatars

Mod Bob (Hair) - 6 Ville Cash
Pin-up Curls (Hair) - 8 Ville Cash
Beatnik Blouse Aqua - 3 Ville Cash
Beatnik Blouse Yellow - 3 Ville Cash
Aqua Leggings - 450 coins
Chartreuse Leggings - 450 coins
Starlet Cocktail Dress - 9 Ville Cash
Sleeveless A-Line Red - 21 Ville Cash
Mary Jane Red - 6 Ville Cash
Mary Jane White - 7 Ville Cash

Male Avatars

The Ringo (Hair) - 6 Ville Cash
The Rockabilly (Hair) - 11 Ville Cash
Daddio Button Down Blue - 600 coins
Daddio Button Down Red - 600 coins
Zoot Suit Blue - 15 Ville Cash
Zoot Suit Brown - 15 Ville Cash
Flight Lieutenant's Jacket - 6,000 coins
Zoot Hat Blue - 5 Ville Cash
Zoot Hat Brown - 5 Ville Cash

These items will be available for either 11 or 4 more days, depending on the item. If additional Mod / Groovy items are released in the future, we'll make sure to let you know.

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