Renoir's Former Paris Home (House of the Day)

Have you ever seen a celebrity's home and thought, "Of course they'd live there"? This was exactly our reaction when we laid eyes on the former Paris home of iconic Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Located in the artist's hub that is Montmartre, it is exactly how we'd imagine the master painter's home to look like.

The country-style home boasts a charming, pastel-hued color theme, illuminated by ample sunlight streaming in through enormous windows. Floral wallpaper adorns the walls (not so chic now, but have you seen Renoir's paintings?), a playful contrast to dark oak floors. Expansive views over lush, unkempt gardens and the magnificent Sacre Coeur can be enjoyed from the idyllic outdoor patio. Though most of the features were renovations to the original home, the current owners could not have done a better job embodying Renoir's classic style and eye for detail.

That indoor pool doesn't hurt, either...

Thanks to our pals at Curbed for the tip!

Immobest International has the listing.

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Renoir House on Sale for Millions
Renoir House on Sale for Millions

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