EA's PopCap closes Dublin studio, says goodbye to 96 employees

PopCap Dublin
PopCap Dublin

You'd think that, after being purchased for $1 billion, PopCap would be encouraged to staff up its studios to produce more winning games. But nay, PopCap (now owned by EA) has opted to restructure, and as a result, its Dublin, Ireland studio has now closed. With 95 fellow staffers out of work, PopCap Dublin producer JP Vaughn confirmed the sad news via Twitter.

"The consultation period in Ireland has been completed, and after having consulted fully with the employee representatives the PopCap leadership team has decided to close our Dublin office," PopCap confirmed in a statement. "96 people have been affected by the decision. PopCap has provided outplacement support and many employees have offers in other parts of PopCap, at EA or new opportunities with technology partners in Ireland."

The news comes just as EA expands its Galway, Ireland customer service center with the intention of creating 300 more jobs, GamesIndustry reports. It's especially interesting (and depressing) to see PopCap's Dublin studio shutter, considering that team focused largely on mobile games. You know, the most rapidly-growing sector in games?

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