Is this Zynga developer the best Gems With Friends player ever? [Video]

Gems With Friends high score
Gems With Friends high score

The very best Gems With Friends player may very well reside within the walls of Zynga With Friends, the FarmVille house's premier mobile game maker responsible for Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends and more. Zynga posted the below video when challenged by its Facebook fans regarding whether scores of over 250,000 points were possible.

To prove that these serious gem-swapping skills were not a hoax, Zynga With Friends welcomed a camera into its office to capture the magic in action. What you're treated to below is Zynga developer Jason Tomlinson employing masterful finger work to achieve a high score of 267,118 points by playing 379 tiles in a single round. Whatever you do ... don't blink.

Are you impressed by Jason's Gems With Friends skills? What's your highest score? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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