FarmVille Mystery Game (09/23/12): FarmVille goes steampunk with new prizes

While FarmVille's Haunted Hollow may have already ushered in the fall holiday season, that doesn't mean everything in the game has turned into pumpkins and zombies just yet. In fact, this week's Mystery Game is full of a rather unique theme of mechanical and steam-powered animals and decorations. This week's game costs 16 Farm Cash to play, and we're here with a complete list of the available prizes, with details and images being discovered by FarmVille Freak.

Mechanical Rooster
Steam Deer
Steam Horse
Steam Pegacorn
Steam Sheep
Steampunk Mansion

Remember, if you can manage to win one of each of these six prizes, you'll receive a seventh bonus prize at no additional cost: the Steam Owl, which is a decorative bird sitting on a wooden perch. While this Owl is technically free, by the time you've earned one of each of the six prizes in this week's game, you'll likely have wasted plenty of Farm Cash on duplicate prizes along the way, so he's definitely not "free."

Remember, this week's prizes will only be around until next Sunday, when the full Halloween event in FarmVille should be well under way. Good luck earning these particular prizes while you can!

What do you think of this set of Mystery Game prizes? Have you thrown any darts at this week's board? Which prize(s) did you win? Sound off in the comments!