FarmVille Autumn Items: Norway Maple Tree, Leaves Wagon and more

With the new FarmVille land expansion Haunted Hollow going live for all users for free sometime this week, it only makes sense that Zynga will turn the proverbial switch, sending the game from summer into fall. That's the case this week, as the game's latest update brings a set of colorful "Autumn" items to the store. These items come with all of the colors of Fall that you'd expect (reds, oranges, and yellows), and while you are free to place them on your new Haunted Hollow farm, you don't have to. Here's a look at the new items released in this theme!


Norway Maple Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Amur Maple Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Magical Japanese Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Magical Sugar Maple Tree - 8 Farm Cash

It looks like there might be a glitch in the pricing of the Magical Sugar Maple Tree, as it's marked as a Level 2 tree, but comes at a Level 1 price. Don't be surprised if this price is higher (probably 14 Farm Cash) by the time you check out the tree in the store.


Sheared Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Autumn Dolphin (Water Only) - 16 FArm Cash
Big Chrysanths Cow - 22 Farm Cash
Maple Pegacorn - 30 Farm Cash
Norway Lemming - 1.5 million coins or 10 Farm Cash
Chrysanths Calf - 12 Farm Cash
Chrysanths Cow - 20 Farm Cash


Autumn Cottage - 14 Farm Cash


Leaves Wagon - 20,000 coins
Leaves Path - 5,000 coins
Fall Swan Lake - 10 Farm Cash
Scarecrow Gnome - 10 Farm Cash
Hibernation Bears - 5 Farm Cash

These items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, and while it's likely that additional "Autumn" items will be released in the theme before it expires entirely, I'd expect Halloween to almost completely take over the game within that time frame as well. That being the case, you might want to shop for these items sooner, rather than later, before they get "buried" in a sea of Halloween goodies.

What do you think of these Autumn items? Will you purchase them for your Home Farm, Lighthouse Cove or another farm entirely? Sound off in the comments!