Clint Eastwood Has Trouble with the Weekend


The movie industry suffered through another bad weekend. Experts often have argued that people go to theaters less because of DVDs and streaming download services. Those assumptions could be tested now as attendance dwindles. Or, alternatively, perhaps the films currently in theaters are bad or have no broad appeal. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Two of young Hollywood's biggest stars beat out a grizzled industry veteran at the box office this weekend - but just barely.

Jake Gyllenhaal's cop drama "End of Watch" and Jennifer Lawrence's horror vehicle "House at the End of the Street" tied for the No. 1 weekend position, each grossing a decent $13 million.

Clint Eastwood's baseball drama, "Trouble With the Curve," didn't hit a home run with opening weekend audiences, as the movie debuted with a slightly lower sum of $12.7 million.

Based on analysts expectations, all of these movies posted numbers that were lower than expected.

Douglas A. McIntyre

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