CityVille Rainbow Part Center: Everything you need to know

It's probably a pretty safe bet that many CityVille players have been overwhelmed (at one time or another) with the current amount of buildings, goals and other projects they have on their plates. While many buildings require materials to complete, few of these are carried over from one building to the next, making each building a lengthy task to complete "from scratch." Now though, Zynga is looking to help players finish any buildings that they may have given up on, as the Rainbow Parts Center is now available to build in your town. We're here with a guide on the Rainbow Parts Center straight from Zynga, so let's get started.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "How will constructing another building help me finish my other projects?" Well, once you get through this building project, you'll be able to use the Rainbow Parts Center to collect parts that you can then use to complete any of your other buildings in our town! Once you've reached level 15, you can start the construction of this Rainbow Parts Center by collecting a slew of Duct Tape.

  • 5 Yellow Duct Tape

  • 5 Blue Duct Tape

  • 5 Green Duct Tape

  • 5 Red Duct Tape

  • 5 Brown Duct Tape

  • 5 Purple Duct Tape

You can collect these Duct Tapes by collecting from items that randomly drop them. You can either continue to play the game as normal, hoping that your existing buildings just happen to give out Duct Tape, or you can scroll through the store to find buildings that offer a "chance" to receive Duct Tape when they're harvested. For instance, a Beachfront Condo has a 20% chance of dropping Blue Duct Tape, as seen below.

Once the base level of the Rainbow Parts Center is completed, you'll be able to collect Rainbow Duct Tape from it that can be used to finish any existing buildings in your city. You can also upgrade the Parts Center so that you'll receive more Rainbow Duct Tape each time you collect from it, and you can view a list of your unfinished buildings and your current supply of Duct Tape to make finding these unfinished projects a bit easier. Good luck finishing everything off!

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What do you think of this Rainbow Parts Center? Will you immediately build one to make some progress on older buildings in your town, or is your town lacking any unfinished building projects? Sound off in the comments!