The Ville: Build your Air Hockey Table for more party actions

The next time you login to the Ville, you'll likely be greeted by a pop-up announcing the arrival of more Party Actions. If you recall, Party Actions are those actions that allow your avatar to gather every visiting friend around a piece of furniture (like a guitar or karaoke station) and then perform for them for large amounts of Happiness Points. Via this announcement, you'll be given an Air Hockey Table for free, which can then be placed in your avatar's pad.

This Air Hockey Table is actually a free gift that otherwise costs 4,500 coins to purchase from the store, so you'll want to make sure and place the table when you're prompted to do so in order to not miss out on it. Again, we placed this item for free after being prompted. Unfortunately, you'll need to build it before your avatar and its friends can actually play games on it (and use that new Party Action). Here's a list of the required building materials, which can be earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to friends:

  • 6 Sandpaper

  • 5 Hammers

  • 7 Screws

  • 4 Ideas

  • 8 Designs

Once complete, the Air Hockey Table adds $4,950 to your Home Value and can be used to earn 27 Happiness Points per person normally. If you decide to use the Party Action, you'll presumably earn much more than this, as every friend currently present in your home would hopefully count for Happiness in bulk.

As of this writing, there aren't any quests that deal with the placement and building of this Air Hockey Table, so you can simply think of it as a gift from Zynga, and a fun new addition to your home.

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What do you think of this Air Hockey Table in the Ville? Were you charged when you placed it in your game? Sound off in the comments!