FarmVille gets spooky with new Haunted Hollow farm

This week FarmVille introduced its seventh destination farm, a Halloween themed farm called Haunted Hollow!

Wait another FarmVille farm?

I already suspect that some of you overworked farmers are wondering how you will maintain another FarmVille farm, but I want to remind you that no one expects you to farm all seven of your farms on a daily basis. I'm always eager to accept new FarmVille real estate from Zynga, and especially when it's centered around one of my favorite holidays.

The latest FarmVille farm is set in the spooky town of Haunted Hollow where Halloween is celebrated year-round. Fun unique features that you won't find on your other farms beckon you to pay a visit. A new Spooky Photo Challenge where friends can vote on photos that you take of your farm awaits you, along with the enticement of breeding new creatures in the Monster Lab. There's also the new Halloween themed crops, trees, animals, decorations, buildings, quests, and crafting exclusive to Haunted Hollow. Delightful! Before you get too excited- Haunted Hollow is currently on early release and is only available to those players who pay Farm Cash to get there early. Since you already know that I'm throwing down the Farm Cash to get there early I'll let you in on the scoop. You can decide for yourself if you'd like to join the rest of us FarmVille Freaks who couldn't wait any longer for free access to roll out. Remember, purchasing early access is entirely optional.

Getting to Haunted Hollow Early

After refreshing my FarmVille farm nearly all day and stalking the Facebook News Feed for any signs of Haunted Hollow, I finally got the opportunity to purchase early access around 9PM on Monday night, September 17th 2012 when it began to roll out to players. 35 Farm Cash later, and I was well on my way to Haunted Hollow. Greeted by the eerie theme music of Haunted Hollow, I gladly accepted the free perks included in the purchase of early access (a free tree gift and an exclusive quest line, plus its rewards) but most of all, I just really wanted to check out the new farm.

If you are considering purchasing early access, but wondering if it's a good value, it is estimated to be worth 80 Farm Cash if you bought the items separately. Besides the freebies and bragging rights of being the first among your friends to farm in Haunted Hollow, arriving early also gives you the ability to start leveling-up and advancing a whole week before players who wait for free access. Even though everyone starts over with a clean slate at Level 1 in Haunted Hollow, one week in FarmVille is a long time, so good luck with any players trying to catch up to those over-achievers who opted to pay.

If those types of things aren't important to you and you find yourself unmotivated at competing with your neighbors in the leveling-up wars and you have no qualms about waiting a bit longer- free access is expected to start in about one week, on September 21st 2012.

High Hopes in Haunted Hollow

There are several notable differences in Haunted Hollow that I'm sure many players will see as happy improvements. Zynga has reconsidered some previous nuisances that many players disliked about destination farms by getting rid of the introduction of new currencies and plot limitations.

Let's Go Shopping with Farm Coins!

Good news- your Farm Coins are still good in Haunted Hollow. Unlike Hawaiian Paradise and Jade Falls destination farms, where we were bombarded with brand new currencies of Coconuts and Jade coins- Haunted Hollow keeps it simple and allows players to utilize their existing Farm Coin bank. There is no new currency exclusive to Haunted Hollow. This means that you can use Farm Coins just as you would on your Home farm.

The ability to use your stockpiled Farm Coins allows you to spend as you wish instead of being broke from the start. This also means that you can take advantage of purchasing some of the Haunted Hollow coin offerings in your FarmVille Market early on. In the past, when a new currency was introduced, many players had to work their fingers off and save up their pennies before they could partake in a little market shopping to spruce up their farms.

No Plot Limitations!

Another feature that FarmVille has not implemented in Haunted Hollow is the plot limitation per farm expansion. There are no plot restrictions in place for Haunted Hollow! In other words, you can plant as many plots of crops or as little as you want. This is great news for those farmers who love to decorate their farms, but found that they were left with little options to do so because of the rigid crop limitations in place. Since there was little room to decorate your farm and work on quests before you run out of space, it forced many players into making the choice between completing quests and giving up decorating their farms.

Now, if we could only get shared storage from the start of Haunted Hollow- because decorating your farm for Halloween just isn't the same during Christmas.

Will you purchase early access to FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm or wait until it is available for free?

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