CityVille Lakefront Saga Act 3: Everything you need to know


It's time for the third and final act in CityVille's Lakefront Saga, as vacation time is ending in our towns, and we're able to send it out with a bang! Act 3 comes with three goals and an overall prize for completing them all, but remember, if you've completed Acts 1 and 2 before this, you could also win the grand prize at the completion of these goals: a Bear Statue for your town. Fortunately, you can work on all three acts of goals at the same time, so feel free to jump in and make some progress in these even if you haven't completed the others.

Get Your Feet Wet!

  • Ask friends for 10 Water Skis

  • Increase your Vacationer Population by 5,000

  • Have 10 Lakefront Businesses

The Water Skis are earned via a general news item placed on your wall. You'll receive five energy for completing this goal.

Keepin' Afloat!

  • Ask friends for 15 Life Jackets

  • Collect from 20 Lakefront Residences

  • Harvest 50 Lakefront Crops

Rewards: 7,000 Goods

Skipping a Beat!

  • Collect 20 Skipping Stones

  • Increase your Vacationer Population by 1,000

  • Place and Complete the Lumber Mill

The Lumber Mill requires eight staff members to complete, with this community building adding 1,000 citizens to your population allowance. Conveniently enough, the Skipping Stones can be earned by collecting from Lakefront Community Buildings, presumably including this Lumber Mill. When you complete this final goal in the Lakefront Saga, you'll receive 15 Zoning Permits.

Completing all three of these goals will also see you being rewarded with a Luxurious Lakefront Mansion. Unfortunately, you won't have much time to complete this entire series as each trio of goals will expire just seven days from now. Good luck finishing everything in time!

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

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What do you think of this third and final act in the Lakefront Saga in CityVille? Have you enjoyed the Lakefront expansion more than the Downtown expansion, or vice versa? Sound off in the comments!

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