Bubble Blitz Mania on iOS: TeamLava's bubble popper gets a 60-second boost


While gamers may have plenty of solid options for relaxing bubble-popping gameplay on their iPhone or iPad, if someone was looking for a more hectic, exciting experience, they may have had to turn to games like Bubble Blitz on Facebook to find it. Now, TeamLava's Bubble Mania mobile franchise has expanded to fill that hole, as Bubble Blitz Mania is the new hotness you really need to try.

Speaking of Bubble Blitz, Bubble Blitz Mania is a fairly similar game (albeit on iPhone or iPad), giving you 60 seconds to earn as many points as possible by sending colored orbs to the top of the screen to form groups of three or more of the same color. These groups then explode and disappear from the screen and the whole game board drops down, giving you a never-ending series of bubbles to tackle, so long as you still have time left on the clock to actually play.

The expected boost system from the original Bubble Mania has been carried over here, along with trapped babies that will give you bonus points when freed. You can spend coins or premium currency on items that give you a trajectory line for each shot, ones that give you a rainbow colored wild ball, extra time on the clock and so on, and you'll also be able to earn time boosts by breaking special stop watch orbs on the game board.

While blitz titles are obviously more about speed than anything else, there's also some strategy included with these stop watch orbs, as destroying anything above them won't activate them, and they'll simply fall off of the screen. You'll then need to decide whether or not to waste time trying to pop them manually or not. At the end of every game, you'll earn experience points which help you level up and earn permanent boosts (like slight bonuses to each game's high score), and you'll also be able to track your stats against other players on the game's weekly leaderboard.


The only major problem with Bubble Blitz Mania is the same problem that haunts the original game: the need to wait for your energy to recharge after it's depleted. Each game costs one energy to play, so it would have been nice to see the energy cap start at something higher than five, especially since these five energy can be spent in just five-six minutes (at least in the original Bubble Mania, levels could last longer than that). This lack of energy of course helps monetize the game, as you can purchase additional energy to keep playing, but either way, the blitz style play here is so entertaining that it's worth waiting for.

While the traditional bubble popper may now be fairly "played out," the blitz section of the genre still has plenty of entertainment value to give. If you're looking for bubble popping with a side of chaos, you can now download Bubble Blitz Mania for free on iPhone or iPad.

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Have you tried Bubble Blitz Mania? How do you think this blitz version compares to the original Bubble Mania? Sound off in the comments!