FarmVille Southwest Items: Nopal Cactus Hare, Idaho Locust Tree and more

The Southwest item theme in FarmVille continues to expand this weekend, via the release of new trees, animals, and decorations for your farms. Most of these items unfortunately cost Farm Cash, but if you take advantage of the return of the Serve promotion, you could be rolling in free Farm Cash that would be perfectly spent here. We're here with a look at these newest Southwest items, so let's get started!


Idaho Locust Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Southwestern Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Desert Willow Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Vitex Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Nopal Cactus Hare - 12 Farm Cash
Walkaloosa Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Big Barrel Cactus Pig - 18 Farm Cash
Barrel Cactus Pig - 16 Farm Cash


Cowboy Duck - 10 Farm Cash
Cactus Flowerbed - 5,000 coins
Barbwire Fence - 5,000 coins
Cowboy Campsite - 30,000 coins
Cowboy Gnome - 12 Farm Cash

While some of these items act "normally," granting you an experience point bonus for purchasing them, you'll also find that a lot of these items will reward "Spook Points" to farmers that purchase them for Haunted Hollow. If you've yet to purchase access to Haunted Hollow, free access for all should launch this Monday, September 24. Luckily, these items will be available for the next two weeks, so that still gives you plenty of time to rack up some extra Spook Points, even if you have to wait to get into the farm at all.

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What do you think of this Southwest item theme in FarmVille? Will you purchase non-Halloween themed items just to gain spook points in Haunted Hollow? Sound off in the comments!