ChefVille Poultry Butcher Upgrade: Everything you need to know


If you constantly find yourself running out of Free Range Chicken in ChefVille, you'll likely be thrilled to learn that you can now upgrade your Poultry Butcher shop to produce double the amount of Free Range Chicken in the same amount of time as before! Similar to the Mom 'N Pop Shop upgrade, this Poultry Butcher shop upgrade comes with quests to complete (four this time, instead of just one), and will require quite a bit of help from friends to actually finish it off. We're here with a look at these ChickenCon quests, so let's get started!

Colby's Carryout

  • Upgrade and Staff the Poultry Butcher to Level 2

  • Gather 3 Times from the Poultry Butcher

  • Cook 1 Roast Beef Sandwich

Thankfully, you don't have to wait until after you've upgraded the Poultry Butcher to actually collect from it. This is helpful, because the actual upgrade isn't an easy one. You'll need to gather 10 friends that can work as staff in the building before the upgrade is done. At that point, the building will change in design and you'll be able to collect two Chickens every five minutes, instead of just one. For finishing this first quest, you'll receive a Marinated Chicken ingredient, five XP and 15 coins.

Fowl is Good

  • Cook Garden Salad 3 Times

  • Tend Upgraded Poultry Butcher 5 Times

  • Eat 12 Dishes at Neighbors' Restaurants

For this quest, the Garden Salad task will be the one that slows you down, as it requires 12 hours to cook. If nothing else, you'll be able to use that time to hopefully master some other dishes with your increased Chicken productivity, and the Marinated Chicken ingredient that still isn't available to most players normally. For completing this quest, you'll receive another Marinated Chicken, five XP and 15 coins.

Poultry Pass

  • Serve 10 Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes

  • Collect 5 Convention Badges

  • Have 2 Mastery Stars for Chicken Cobb Salad

The Convention Badges are earned by posting a new item to your wall to ask your friends for help. Meanwhile, the Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes take just two minutes to cook, so while this task might "waste" a lot of ingredients, at least it won't waste a ton of time.

We'll update this space as we learn more about the Poultry Butcher upgrade quests, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of this upgrade to the Poultry Butcher's shop in ChefVille? Which item would you like to see upgraded / released next? Sound off in the comments!