The Sims Social: Spin the Cornetto for free boosts

The partnership between EA / Playfish and Cornetto in the Sims Social continues this week, as players are being encouraged to "Spin the Cornetto" to win free loot for their Sim's pad. This all comes via the Cornetto Facebook fan page, where interested gamers can receive the free "Spin the Cornetto" item by clicking on a single link.

Once you get back into your game, you can find the Spin the Cornetto sign in your item storage. It comes with a Home Value of $1,170 and is worth 500 Social Points. Once it's placed on your wall, you can click on it to see three action choices: "Confess Love" and "Share a Cornetto" both require you to have a friend over at your house to share the experience, while "Practice Spin the Cornetto" allows you to simply interact with the wheel for a chance to win free prizes.

Right now, it looks like the only item available to win via the Spin the Cornetto board are free Muses, but since these are required in bulk for many game features, that's definitely not a bad thing. Plus, there's always the possibility that this item could be updated in the future with additional loot items, so it's definitely worth taking the few seconds to claim one just in case.

What do you think of this Spin the Cornetto board? Does your Sim live in a home full of branded items, or do you simply claim these items and store them away, never to be seen again? Sound off in the comments!