NBA 2K13 MyLife gives basketball the social simulator treatment

NBA 2K13 MyLife
NBA 2K13 MyLife

The next major traditional publisher to take a crack at sports-themed social games is, well, the only one left. 2K Games has revealed to San Jose Mercury News NBA 2K MyLife, a simulator-style social game set around and connected to the hit basketball game series, NBA 2K. For instance, players can import their created player from NBA 2K13 on consoles into NBA 2K MyLife.

From there, players will build attractions on an estate and attract more and more fans by holding events to generate Rep and Skill points. The former allows players to draw more fans to each event, while the latter allows them to pull off more creative dunks in a mini game of sorts, according to Mercury News. That said, NBA 2K MyLife isn't a far cry from the stable of games on Facebook.

Luckily for Facebook game detractors, Mercury News reports that this social simulator neither forces players to inundate friends with requests nor does it limit players' progress based on how many friends they have in the game. Of course, NBA branding is apparent throughout, and several NBA players' avatars make cameos--if you make friends with them, they'll join your entourage.

Ultimately, the point of NBA 2K MyLife is to unlock content for players in NBA 2K13 on consoles, like special clothing and accessories along. The player relationships and fan bases that players develop in the Facebook game carry over to NBA 2K13 as well, driving players to dedicate their time to both NBA 2K13 and NBA 2K MyLife.

Throw in a mobile companion app, and you can already see 2K Games' approach to social gaming clear as day. Unfortunately, it's unknown when NBA 2K MyLife will launch, but you can imagine it will land in time with the Oct. 2 release of NBA 2K13. We know, we know: You simply can't contain yourselves.

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