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In Minecraft, Mojang's very popular debut, the possibilities for what structures you can create and where you can travel are seemingly endless. In the game, which is played through a first-person perspective, you'll need to scavenge the land for resources using basic tools in order to survive. This can be achieved alone or online with some friends by building, breaking down terrain, combining resources and protecting each other from mobs, a type of enemy in the game which can endanger your beautiful creations. With a game so open-ended and expansive, even the best gamers can feel a little lost at times. Thankfully, expert Minecraft players have formed online communities that host basic crash-courses in Minecraft as well as some more advanced projects to enjoy once you too, become an expert. Visit these great websites to begin building your dream fortress in the sky or a hidden cavern into the ground.
Minecraft 101 Games.com Guide

The videos on this page help to orient players in the world of Minecraft, introducing, among other things: How to fight, survive in the Nether and craft tools.
Minecraft Wiki community help

The Minecraft Wiki offers an in-depth look at blocks, items, mobs, a forum to talk with other Minecraft players, guides to help you find or create the best servers, as well as instructions on how you can purchase Minecraft on the platform you prefer. Once you have mastered the basics of Minecraft, many avenues become open for your exploration, such as implementing texturepacks, mods and skins into the game.

These options can allow you to customize Minecraft the way you want to play it. Check out the websites below for custom Minecraft mods. Remember: Every community site hosts content from different contributors which promises different, original content for your perusal.
Planet Minecraft mods community skin texture pack

This resource offers a plentiful amount of mods, skins, texture packs and server options to expand your Minecraft experience.

Minecraft Workbench community mods skins texture packs

Mods, skins, texture packs and community support to squeeze even more fun out of Minecraft.

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