Metal Gear Solid Social Ops: Everybody's got guns in this card battler

Metal Gear Solid Social Ops
Metal Gear Solid Social Ops

Fans of the series will unsurprisingly say, "And rightfully so!" But there aren't many Japanese-style card battle games that result in explosive firefights. Based on this Japanese-language Metal Gear Solid Social Ops trailer released during the Tokyo Game Show, that seems to be what developer Konami and publisher GREE are going for.

Judging from impressions courtesy of The Verge, Social Ops looks and sounds like a card battler at heart. But after players gather enough troop cards to head into a skirmish with, the game displays players' moves in a graphically impressive, animated firefight--at least from the looks of this debut trailer.

But if you ask The Verge's Russ Frushtick, it's not exactly the most complex or strategically-demanding Metal Gear release around. But we'd be damned if we didn't say it looked gorgeous. Metal Gear Solid Social Ops launches on iOS and Android through GREE this year.

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