If you ask Wooga, HTML5 games don't look so hot just yet

HTML5 Games
HTML5 Games

HTML5, the buzzword of 2012 in the games world. Well, at least the first half of 2012. These days, game creators (and probably game players) aren't so bullish on the web programming technology. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Wooga CEO Jens Begemann had harsh words for the emergent method of game creation.

"Mark Zuckerberg was wrong," Begemann said, referring to Facebook's recent abandonment of HTML5. "I was wrong. A year ago I was not sure what would win, HTML or native. At the end of last year it became clear." But that's not all: Begemann proceeded to break down for WSJ exactly why HTML5 isn't yet ideal.

"So why did HTML5 not work? Two reasons: HTML5 is inferior from a technological perspective. Every touch event takes just a bit longer. Rendering takes just a bit longer. The experience is just not as good," Begemann pointed out. "Also you need a good online connection to play. HTML5 you need to be on 3G. That is the technical bit-it can be solved. I am bullish long term, but it won't happen his year or next."

These words from one of the most prolific social game makers around do not bode well for HTML5 games. Does this mean that HTML5 game makers should abandon ship? Not so fast: The only way to get HTML5 to parity with native games is to keep working on it. At any rate, it goes to show how much work HTML5 game makers have cut out for them, especially considering the W3C wants it ready by 2014.

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