Waitress Earns $1,000 An Hour As Kate Middleton Look-Alike

middleton look-alike

There's no shortage of people who've carved out lucrative careers by appearing to be someone else, as legions of Elvis impersonators could tell you. But it's one thing to pretend to be the King of Rock 'n' Roll and quite another to make of living off mimicking a British royal.

Yet, that's exactly how Heidi Agan (above, left) brings home the bacon these days, by impersonating her look-alike, Catherine "Kate" Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

Agan, a 32-year-old former waitress who use to make 6 pounds an hour (about $9.80) at a Frankie & Benny's restaurant 90 miles north of London, now charges more than $1,000 an hour to appear as a Middleton look-alike, according to London's Mirror and Daily Mail newspapers (via International Business Times).

The mother of two told the Mirror that restaurant customers would often mistake her for Middleton.

"People would come in and point at me and say 'that's her,' " she told the newspaper. "I've had other people come up to me during jobs convinced I'm Kate."

Even her 3-year-old daughter has a difficult time telling her mother apart from Middleton, Agan said.

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The former waitress said that she isn't looking to exploit the current controversy involving nude photos of Middleton. Last week, the French tabloid, Closer, published a series of pictures of Middleton, sunbathing topless, while she was with Prince William at a private chateau in southern France. The photos were reportedly taken by a professional photographer using a long lens.

Agan called the pictures a "terrible invasion of their privacy," adding that she wouldn't appear topless at any job "because I'm a mum of two."

She also said that she's quite fortunate to have a job as Middleton look-alike, telling the Mirror, "It's a huge difference from working in a restaurant, and it pays better."

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