FarmVille Haunted Hollow Monster Nursery: Everything you need to know


When you dive into Haunted Hollow in FarmVille, you'll be greeted with a large nursery on the outskirts of your farm. This is the Monster Nursery, and it's full of monsters that can apparently get a bit out of control without the proper attention. You'll need to help Haunted Hollow's witches control the monsters via a series of timed events, similar to the Gem Mine that you might also currently be working on. We're here with a complete guide to the 12 stages available in this Monster Nursery event, straight from Zynga.

Stage 1: Making Monsters

  • Get 5 Monster Seeds

These Seeds are earned by posting a general news item on your wall. Your rewards for this first stage are 2,500 coins and a Pumpkin Pond.

Stage 2: Sowing Spookiness

  • Get 5 Friends to help

These friends must be gathered through requests sent straight to your neighbors. You'll receive 3,000 coins and a Haunted Clock Tower for finishing this stage.

Stage 3: Rooting Ritual

  • Get 7 Water Wants

  • Get 7 Monster Grow

  • Get 7 Monster Mix

These items are earned through a combination of general news posts and individual requests sent to your neighbors. You'll earn a Spectral Boar and 5,000 coins for completing this third stage.

Stage 4: Sproutling Support

  • Get 7 Friends to help

Rewards: 3,000 coins, Piranha Bloom

Stage 5: Bubbling Bulbs

  • Get 8 Cauldrons

Rewards: 2,500 coins, Tree Fountain

Stage 6: Super Stem Stew

  • Get 9 Eye of Newt

  • Get 9 Night Root

  • Get 9 Bug Juice

Rewards: 5,000 coins, Plant Monster Fountain

Stage 7: Brace for Brambles

  • Get 7 Friends to help

Rewards: 3,000 coins, Fortune Tent

Stage 8: Spray and Delay

  • Get 10 Potion Sprayers

Rewards: 2,500 coins, Gargoyle Costume for your avatar

Stage 9:

  • Get 12 Pumpkin Sprinklers

  • Get 12 Magic Hoses

  • Get 12 Plant Misters

Rewards: 3,000 coins, Bobcat Bat

Stage 10: Save the Nursery

  • Get 9 Friends to help

Rewards: 3,000 coins, Brambled Pump

Stage 11: Plant Potions

  • Get 12 Plant-Taming Potions

Rewards: 2,500 coins, Victorian Gnome

Stage 12: Saving the Hollow!

  • Get 15 Witches Dust

  • Get 15 Taming Taffy

  • Get 15 Snooze Pollen

Rewards: 5,000 coins, Pumpkin Waterfall

Remember, each of these stages are timed, so you'll need to play at least once every few days, when these tend to unlock in order to finish them off. If you want to finish everything without all of the waiting, you can also unlock additional stages early with Farm Cash, but if you're like most players, you'll likely have plenty of jobs on your plate to keep you busy while you wait. Good luck finishing each stage before running out of time!

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What do you think of this Monster Nursery feature in FarmVille's Haunted Hollow? Have you already started working on this event, or are you waiting for free access to unlock for this new section? Sound off in the comments!