CityVille Nessi: Everything you need to know


The Loch Ness Monster is apparently real, at least if you take what you see in CityVille as truth. Why? Well, a creature called Nessi has been spotted in your cities, and you'll be able to claim her (him?) for your own and even help her grow. This feature will look incredibly familiar to veterans in CityVille, as it's actually a multilevel building project that will see you gathering various colors of flowers for each stage.

There's a five part goal series in this Nessi event, so let's take a look at what it takes to finish them off, straight from Zynga.

Don't Be Shy!

  • Place Nessi

  • Have 4 Nessi Buildings

  • Ask for 10 Guide Books

The Nessi Buildings are items like the Aquarium, Lakeside Lodge, Coastal House and others that deal with the outdoors, the water or even scientific research (in the case of the Research Lab). There are also two completely themed buildings, including a Nessi Home that's shaped like Nessi and a Nessi's Footprint Home that has a house lot in the shape of a footprint. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 10 energy and 10,000 coins.

Upgrade Nessi!

  • Upgrade Nessi to Level 2

  • Harvest 25 Halibut

  • Harvest 25 Residences

Upgrading Nessi sees you collecting flowers, with six flowers being required for the first upgrade. You'll need two each of white, red and blue flowers, which can be earned by asking friends or by collecting from those Nessi themed buildings (the flowers will be dropped at random). As you continue to level Nessi up, you'll eventually need three additional kinds of flowers, and in more quantities than this first stage. For completing this second goal, you'll receive four Zoning Permits and 20,000 coins.

A Gentle Giant

  • Upgrade Nessi to Level 3

  • Have 8 Nessi Buildings

  • Ask for 15 Guide Books

Rewards: 100 XP, 50,000 coins

Keep Upgrading!

  • Upgrade Nessi to Level 4

  • Supply 60 Businesses

  • Harvest 40 Halibut Crops

Rewards: 20 energy, 75,000 coins

Tourist Attraction

  • Upgrade Nessi to Level 5

  • Have 12 Nessi Buildings

  • Ask for 30 Guide Books

Rewards: 30 energy, 150,000 coins

After you've completed this goal series, you can continue to upgrade Nessi one final time to Level 6. At this point, you'll receive 100 bonus energy for "completing" the feature. While all of this might seem doable, you'll need to keep the feature's time limit in mind while playing. You'll have around a month to finish the entire feature, and we wish you luck in doing just that!

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What do you think of this Nessi upgrading feature in CityVille? Do you think you'll have enough time to fully upgrade Nessi without spending City Cash to do it? Sound off in the comments!