CityVille Dream Wedding: Everything you need to know

Love and romance fills the air in CityVille, as you're being given the power to plan and witness the wedding of two of the game's characters. For instance, you can have Vance Valor marry Bella Bennett, and for the sake of argument, that's what we're doing here. Over the next eight days, you'll be able to prepare the Dream Wedding both by purchasing wedding themed items in the game's store and by asking your friends for RSVPs for the big day.

You can track your progress in this event via the Wedding Cake that's on the right side of the gameplay area. For each friend that accepts your invitation to the wedding, you'll receive a wedding present that will be available open at the end of the event. While you can send out a limitless amount of invitations, your gift storage is capped at 160 individual presents.

Even if you don't want to worry about collecting presents, this event comes with three pages of buildings and decorations to purchase in the game's store. Some of these cost City Cash, but many others simply cost massive amounts of coins. A Cosmopolitan Restaurant, for instance, costs 1.45 million coins, while a Traditional Restaurant costs 800,000 coins.

As for the three goals in this event, these don't appear to come with a time limit, leaving your main concern to earning RSVPs and wedding presents in the time you have remaining. The first goal is a relatively simple one, though, so you can easily get it out of the way:

Walk Down the Aisle!

  • Choose Your Couple for the Wedding

  • Have a Wedding Building

  • Have 2 RSVPs

This goal gives you 10 energy when you complete it. Once the actual wedding takes place, we'll apparently be able to unlock our presents, but the contents of those gifts are still unknown as of this writing. We'll make sure to let you know as we learn more about this Dream Wedding event, so stay tuned!

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