ChefVille: 1 billion dishes served means more prizes for you


At the beginning of September, we brought you a look at the ChefVille Community Table event, which tracks how many dishes the entire ChefVille community has cooked since the game's launch on Facebook. At the time, we had only unlocked two of the four prizes in the event, some XP and energy, but now, we've reached the top mark, with the entire community having cooked more than 1 billion dishes!

To mark this occasion, Zynga is keeping its word to make a donation to the World Food Programme USA in the amount of 200,000 meals. We've also been given additional prizes, including a One Hour Thyme, a spice that will speed up the cooking time of a single dish by 60 minutes. There's apparently a "Top Reward" that's available as well, but the official link to claim this item states that the prize is expired.

We've contacted Zynga to figure out why this is the case, but in the meantime, make sure to grab your One Hour Thyme (and your energy and XP) if you haven't done so already.

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Are you surprised that the ChefVille community reached the mark of 1 billion dishes served so quickly? Sound off in the comments!