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As Apple fans anxiously await the release of new iPhone 5 (mine is due to be delivered in about an hour), that got me thinking: What are the new tech tools that can make job hunting easier? Most job hunters are well aware that the job search has moved online. Savvy job seekers know to network on LinkedIn and set up job alerts from career sites. But what you may not know is that there are a slew of new tools.

Here are the six best, ones that will help you establish a professional online presence, get the attention of hiring managers and keep your job search organized.

1. Create a landing page.

The problem with many "profile" pages (such as those on Facebook, Twitter, and so on) is that they combine too many aspects of your personal and professional lives. It's hard to control who sees what, especially in an age of ever-changing privacy settings., which is owned by AOL, enables users to upload a background image, profile picture, and set up links to the profile pages that they want others to see -- whether it's a successful YouTube channel that you worked on at your last job, or your online resume, you can share it. And yes, it's free. Check mine out for some inspiration.

2. Develop an online portfolio.

Paper resumes are so 2008. Applicant tracking systems are used by nearly every company with jobs to fill and resumes to view. Once you get through the ATS, though, you want to give the hiring manager something else to look at -- a more elaborate version of your resume, where they can see the projects you've worked on, and find explanations of the brief bullet items that you so thoughtfully composed on your resume.

So, where can you do that?

Fortunately, you have a few options. Most job-seekers find VisualCV to be a great resource. The site allows a one-page resume, with links to other websites. They also host photos and documents for sharing.

Some other sites take a similar approach to VisualCV, but focus on smaller groups of the job-seeking population. Seelio aims to connect college students and recruiters, while CarbonMade is a great venue for creative types with media to share.

3. Use an organizer.

As the job search moved online, it makes it far easier to send out an avalanche of resumes. People are casting their nets wide, but it can be hard to keep track of all the applications. Huntsy aims to help job seekers with this; it reminds you of "what's next" in your application process, and even suggests connections worth contacting through your social media profiles.

FreshTransition takes the basic idea behind Huntsy one step further, also providing an online forum of career experts ready to share their knowledge to the site as a whole, or one-on-one upon request.

With great tools like these, you really can establish your online presence quickly and present yourself in a professional manner. Personal brand and presence are important in today's job market, and the right combination of these tools might just help you land your next job.

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