Shockingly High Salaries At Tech Startups

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The word "startup" for many people conjures up images of a newly formed tech company filled with young, not-too-well paid staffers who are hoping their stock options might be worth something someday.

But that's changing -- at least in tech hotspots, such as Silicon Valley, according to a new online interactive tool by financial adviser Wealthfront (via CNet). The tool, which includes data supplied by nearly 8,400 "non-executives" at 135 privately held technology companies, shows that workers with skills in short supply -- such as software engineers -- can earn six-figure salaries as startups compete to attract and keep talented employees.


How much could you expect to earn at a tech startup? A lot depends on the type of work you're capable of and how long you've been doing it, along with where in the U.S. you work and the size of the company that's looking to hire.

Wealthfront says that its data show that the mean cash compensation (which discounts extraordinarily high and low salaries) at all tech startups across the country was $112,000. And CNet notes this curious finding: Despite the huge demand for engineers in Silicon Valley, jobs in the Northeast pay more, presumably because companies are competing with Wall Street firms for talent.

But it isn't only high-tech jobs that pay well, as Wealthfront's data reveals. Check out the salaries for these high-tech and not-so-high-tech positions at startups.

  • Software Engineer: $124,000*
  • Human Resources: $105,000
  • Marketing: $95,000
  • Sales: $220,000

*Note: Salaries shown are for mid-career professionals at the 75th percentile, which means that 75 percent of workers in this profession earned less, while 25 percent earned more.

For many more jobs and other options check out Wealthfront's salary tool below.

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