The Sims Social 'Masquerade Mystery' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Mystery Mansion
Well gang, it looks like this mystery in The Sims Social has still got us stumped. Turns out it wasn't Old Man Jenkins after all. (Boy, was he ever mad when we tied him up and pulled at his face!) Luckily, there are all these rooms still left to investigate in the mansion. Thanks to The Sims Social team at Playfish, here's a step-by-step guide for how to finish these quests and solve the murderous mystery once and for all.

Investigate the Auditorium
  • Examine the piano further
  • Buy one Agatha Wall Candle
  • Investigate two masquerade masks

It's essential that detectives have an appreciation for the arts. Examine this Piano closely by completing all the skill levels on it. You know what'll shed some light on this situation? Some candles! Buy an Agatha Wall Candle from the shop. Oh dear, this place is littered with masquerade masks after the party. Do you think they might have some clues on them? Click on two of them to investigate. Rewards: 10 LP, 50 Coins, 10 XP, 1 Energy, Agatha Faberge Aqua

Investigate the Greenhouse
  • Examine the Greenhouse further
  • Have three glasses
  • Rifle through three plants for evidence

Detectives need keen eyesight to gather the smallest of clues. One pair of glasses isn't enough. We must have three! Go to the "craft" menu to make them by gathering materials or asking your friends for them. You know what's mighty suspicious around here? Plants--don't trust 'em. Never have, never will. Pick three plants and 'Rifle Through for Evidence' and examine that Greenhouse closely by completing all its skill tasks. Rewards: 10 LP, 50 Coins, 10 XP, 1 Energy, Agatha Faberge Ruby

The Sims Social Mystery Mansion itemsThe Sims Social Mystery Mansion itemsThe Sims Social Mystery Mansion itemsThe Sims Social Mystery Mansion itemsThe Sims Social Mystery Mansion items
Investigate the Reading Room
  • Examine the Bookcase further
  • Have three fingerprints
  • Complete all the skill steps on the Gramophone

Books! The best weapons in the world, some would say. This Bookcase is probably full of clues. Examine it further by completing all its skill tasks to uncover them. We should really look for some fingerprints. That'll help us solve the case for sure. Clear things around the mansion or ask your friends to send you some until you get three. Fancy some music while you work? Turn on that Gramophone and complete all the skill tasks on it. Rewards: 10 LP, 50 Coins, 10 XP, 1 Energy

Investigate the Study
  • Examine the Plant Pot further
  • Have three Magnifying Glasses
  • Complete all the skill steps on the Writing Desk

More suspicious plants! That fancy pot isn't fooling anyone. Examine that Plant Pot and complete all its skill tasks and you're sure to find some evidence. Oh but you'll need some Magnifying Glasses to really get into the details. Ask your friends or clear items around the mansion until you have three. We're close to figuring out the culprit! Sit down at the Writing Desk to put your clues together. Complete all the skill steps on it and you're sure to close in on the suspect! Rewards: 10 LP, 50 Coins, 10 XP, 1 Energy

Collectibles Required:
Dreams (2), Fingerprints (2), Fury (2), Goodwill (3), Love (2)
Plant Pot
Aloe (2), Buzz (4), Entertainment (3), Fingerprints (7), Herbs (2), Magnifying Glass (2), Purple Flower (2), Relaxation (2)
Black Silk Gloves (5), Blood (3), Dreams (5), Duster (5), Fingerprints (4), Hint (6), History Book (2)
Admiration (7), Black Silk Gloves (9), Blood (3), Fingerprints (6), Glasses (12)

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