Minecraft update 'Snapshot 12w38a' inches us closer to major Halloween release

Minecraft Snapshot 12w38a
Minecraft Snapshot 12w38a

Mojang released an update for the PC version of Minecraft today titled "Snapshot 12w38a." This update consists mostly of minor additions and optimization tweaks to the game. Minecraft inhabitants hoping for the release of version 1.4 (Codenamed: Pretty Scary Update) will need to keep waiting.

List of changes in Snapshot 12w38a:

  • Updated and added new sounds by C418

  • Added a neutral mob

  • Added a hostile mob (doesn't spawn yet)

  • Command block target parameters have been upgraded

  • Beacon artwork has changed

  • Wood trunk blocks are now rotated differently

Download the update here. If you don't have Minecraft yet, download the game launcher from here and enjoy. And if you're new to Minecraft, don't worry! There's a lot to absorb in the dynamic, expansive world of Minecraft. To help you survive and prosper, we've compiled some of the best tips for the game.

Minecraft 101: Master Minecraft with 10 Helpful How-to Videos

Minecraft 101 with 10 helpful how-to videos
Minecraft 101 with 10 helpful how-to videos

[Image Credit: Mojang.com]

How are you enjoying Minecraft's Snapshot 12w38a so far? What tips might you have for your fellow players to best enjoy the update? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.

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