The Ville Storage Shed Quests: Everything you need to know


For a few days now, we've known that additional item storage was coming to the Ville via an upcoming release of a Storage Shed, but the wait for that storage is now finally over! The Storage Shed has finally been released in the Ville, and of course there are some quests to complete to kick off this feature in full! We're here with a guide to finishing these quests, straight from Zynga, so let's get started!

Conspicuous Consumption

  • Place Storage Shed

  • Ask for 5 Workgloves

  • Talk About Shed with Alexis 2 Times

The Workgloves are earned via individual requests that are sent to your Ville neighbors. Meanwhile, Alexis has now conveniently shown up in our homes, so you can quickly talk to her about the shed (twice) without having to search for her. You'll receive 75 coins and 2 XP for completing this quest.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

  • Mow Grass 5 Times

  • Plant 3 Flowers

Rewards: 75 coins, 2 XP

Into the Shed

  • Build Shed

  • Watch Home Improvement Show

  • Search for Building Plans

The first level of the shed gives you 20 storage slots, but it requires plenty of building materials to construct. You'll need 10 Screwdrivers, five Workgloves, 10 Wood, 10 Hammers and five Screws, which are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual friend requests. Meanwhile, the Building Plans can be found by searching through items like bookshelves and desks. You'll earn 75 coins and two XP for completing this quest.

A Fresh Coat

  • Store 3 Items

  • Buy a New Couch

  • Buy 2 New Paintings

Rewards: 75 coins, 2 XP

Surprise Inspection

  • Ask friends for 7 Screws

  • Collect 12 Wood

  • Admire New Paintings Twice

Rewards: 75 coins, 2 XP

Shed Crashers

  • Upgrade Shed

  • Earn 2,000 coins

  • Rummage Through 5 Cabinets

The first true shed upgrade gives you a storage boost to 60 additional items. You'll also receive 75 coins and two XP for completing this quest.

Kitchen Remodel

  • Buy a New Kitchen Counter

  • Buy a New Oven

  • Cook a Cherry Pie

Rewards: Pineapple Surprise, 75 coins, 2 XP

The Latest and Greatest

  • Buy 2 Electronics

  • Place 20 Tiles

  • Search for Loose Change in the Shed

Technically, the 20 floor tiles are supposed to be a path leading from your house to the shed, but it's likely that you can just purchase 20 tiles and place them anywhere to complete this quest. When you finish it, you'll receive another 75 coins and two XP.

If You Can't Beat 'Em

  • Upgrade to a Premium Storage Shed

  • Buy 2 Outdoor Decorations

  • Plant 3 Flowers

The second (and for now final) expansion on the storage shed will give you a boost to 120 slots of item storage, more than doubling what we originally started out with (just 100 slots). Hopefully, additional shed upgrades will be released in the future, so we can fill our homes with even more lovely items for weeks and months to come!

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What do you think of this Storage Shed and its quests? Do you think you'll have any trouble completing them? Are 120 extra storage slots enough for you, or would you prefer the number to be even higher? Sound off in the comments!