The Ville Progressive Price Gun: Everything you need to know


There are apparently no limits to the kinds of seemingly random cross-promotions we can see across Zynga's games, as we've seen Big Brother team up with Hidden Chronicles, a slew of credit cards come to FarmVille and now, the arrival of Flo from Progressive in the Ville. Flo's here with a simple request, as she's lost her price gun and needs us to help her find it! You'll be able to complete a single quest to do so, and will receive an exclusive item for your home if you finish off this quest before Flo takes off.

Shop Progressive

  • Watch a Progressive Commercial

  • Visit

  • Visit Casey and Search for the Price Gun

The Progressive Commercial can be watched on a TV in your home, while visiting is done via a computer. Finally, you'll need to search Casey's furniture for the price gun to finish off this incredibly simple quest. When you've done that, you'll receive 75 coins, a single XP and a Flo-untain. This is a fountain statue that looks like Flo, of course.

There currently isn't a listed time limit on completing this quest, but I personally doubt it'd be around for anymore than a couple of weeks. Since it's so easy to complete, why not take a few seconds and finish it off for this exclusive, and definitely unique, prize.

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What do you think of this Progressive cross-promotion in the Ville? Have you already completed this quest? Sound off in the comments!